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Hello! My name is Helen Spahn. I am Korean (who got married with a German). I have decided to change this homepage from Korean to English. My English might not be good enough for it. I still need to improve it. But I didn’t want to delay it more. Because Dermatitis become pretty wide spread these days. So many people suffer a lot from similar symptoms with me. So I decided to share my story on this page.

Okay, this is my short introduction about me. I was born in Korea, and for a long time I suffered from many differen types of Dermatitis (Dyshidrosis was most rare and extreme among them). Since my condition became better, I organized an online community in Korea (using the Korean popular web format Naver). This community has about 31,000 members in Korea, and people can exchange helpful information and their stories.

If you want to take a look at my Korean community you can do so by clicking on the picture below.

My online community in Korea_July.2019

If you are further interested about me, you can also find a few words about me on the “who’s helen” page. I would like to keep on posting in English from now on, because I know there are many people out there who suffer from similar symptoms and conditions like me, and I really hope my information could be helpful.

Once again, nice to meet you, and I promise to update this page slowly, but regularly.

With love, Helen

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